Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross In A Strap Match To Take Place At Extreme Rules

A third match has been added to the Extreme Rules card, as Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross will battle in a strap match at the Premium Live Event.

The announcement was made during the September 23rd episode of SmackDown. McIntyre was in the ring with strap in hand, stating that match was designed so that Kross can’t run away and a match designed to inflict maximum pain. Kross’ music would hit as the former NXT Champion would attempt to attack The Scottish Warrior from behind. McIntyre would take advantage and attach the strap, making Kross unable to run away.

Scarlett would then make her way into the ring, shooting a fireball into the face of McIntyre. As McIntyre took advantage again, Scarlett would hit a low blow as Kross chocked out the former WWE Champion to end the segment, accepting the challenge.

The updated card for Extreme Rules is as follows:

Featured image: WWE

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