Liv Morgan Vs. Ronda Rousey To Take Place Under Extreme Rules

The previously announced match between Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship will now be fought under Extreme Rules at the Premium Live Event of the same name.

Rousey would win the right to challenge Morgan on the September 9th edition of SmackDown. On the September 16th episode of the blue brand, Rousey would appear in a backstage interview segment. Liv Morgan would interrupt and stated that she is the only person who has beaten her twice.

Morgan, looking to earn the respect of Rousey, said that the only way to do that is to beat Rousey for a third time, and challenged the former champion to an Extreme Rules match. Rousey looked surprised by the challenge, but accepted the conditions.

At the time of writing, SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan defending the title against Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match is the only match announced for the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, which will be taking place on Saturday October 8th.

Featured image: WWE

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