First AEW All-Atlantic Champion Crowned At Forbidden Door

PAC is the first ever AEW All-Atlantic Champion following a victory over Miro, Malakai Black and Clark Connors at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view.

Early on in the match, it looked liked Miro would be victorious. The Redeemer utilised his power throughout the match, frequently dominating the other contestants in the match. PAC would counter with feats of athleticism, using attacks to the outside to neutralise Black and Connors throughout. Miro would be neutralised when a table was brought out from under the ring, with Connors spearing the former TNT Champion through the furniture set up by the barricade.

Miro looked like the victory was inevitable as he locked the Game Over onto PAC, but Black would hit the Black Mist and Black Mass onto Miro to take The Redeemer out of the match. Black would lock a submission hold onto Connors, but PAC broke it up with a 450 from the top rope. PAC would then lock in The Brutalizer to win and become the Inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion.

The victory marks PAC’s first championship since signing with All Elite Wrestling. The new championship was announced back at the start of June, with each competitor winning a qualifying match to advance to the 4 Way at Forbidden Door.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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