WALTER Officially Changed To Gunther By WWE

The wrestler once was known as WALTER will now officially be known as Gunther in WWE moving forward. As seen on the WWE roster page, the former NXT UK Champion’s name has been changed on the superstar profile:

Credit: WWE

The former WALTER declared himself to be known as Gunther on the January 18th edition of NXT following a victory over Roderick Strong. The news was met with outrage and disbelief by fans and fellow wrestlers. It should be noted that the profile page only states Gunther as opposed to Gunther Stark, which was the original trademark filed by WWE. It has been stated that Günther Stark is the name of a U-Boat Commander for the Nazi regime in WW2. WWE, who were seemingly unaware of the previous use of the name, have yet to refer to the surname.

As mentioned, there has been significant backlash following the name change from WALTER to Gunther. Former NXT Champion Keith Lee has said the following:

WWE have changed names of superstars multiple times in the history of the company. However, when significant fan backlash is seen, such as with The War Raiders becoming The Viking Experience, WWE have been known to change the name again. It will be interesting to see if the company perseveres with the name Gunther or decides to change WALTER’s name once again.

Featured image: Wrestling Headlines

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