WALTER Now Known As Gunther On NXT

WALTER has been named following a move to NXT 2.0. Following a victory over Roderick Strong on the January 18th edition of NXT, the ring announcer was about to declare the victory for the former NXT UK Champion. However, the now former WALTER grabbed a microphone and cut off the announcer, stating that his name is now Gunther.

The NXT crowd, who then realised the name change, proceeded to boo loudly following the announcement by The Ring General.

As reported by Fightful, WWE recently filed a trademark for the name Gunther Stark. It now seems that this name will be going to the man known as WALTER moving forward. WALTER recently departed NXT UK, having his last match against Nathan Frazer. The former NXT UK Champion was dominant in the promotion, having held the top title for 870 days.

This name change follows an unfortunate theme where WWE rebrand well known indie wrestlers with names worse than what they were originally known as. Most infamously, the former War Raiders were rebranded as The Viking Experience following a move to the main roster. After one week of ridicule and backlash, the tag team were renamed again to The Viking Raiders, a name the team have held to this day.

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