Mia Yim Returns To WWE

Mia Yim made her return to WWE on the November 7th Raw, revealed to be the answer to The OC’s Rhea Ripley problem.

The OC have been feuding with The Judgment Day for a number of weeks now. While members of The Judgment Day and The OC have faced off in various combinations, Ripley has been a determining factor in allowing The Judgment Day to win. Most recently, Ripley would cost The OC their 6 man match against The Judgment Day at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event.

The OC admitted that they do have a Rhea Ripley problem, and that they have a solution. AJ Styles would state that they didn’t find the solution, but the solution found them. A mysterious figure would then attack Ripley on the outside, which was revealed to be Mia Yim. A brawl then ensued with The new OC standing tall at the end of the segment.

Mia Yim would return to WWE just over a year after initially being released from her WWE contract as part of the 2020 and 2021 mass releases due to “budget cuts.” Following the release, Yim would have a brief stint in IMPACT Wrestling before returning to WWE.

Featured image: WWE

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