Bianca Belair Retains Raw Women’s Championship At Hell In A Cell

Bianca Belair is still the Raw Women’s Champion following a victory over both Becky Lynch and Asuka at the Hell in a Cell Premium Live Event.

The match took place in the opening match of the show. Lynch started out the match by trying to intimidate the other competitors and attempting to force Belair and Asuka to face off against each other. However, this would prove to be ineffective as both women would team up briefly against Big Time Becks.

The triple threat match saw all 3 competitors prominently featured throughout, as opposed to 2 competitors fighting in the ring while the third sold on the outside. The match also featured multiple moves hitting both superstars, such as Asuka hitting a clothesline and bulldog combo. Bianca would show off her dual offence later in the match, hitting a moonsault on both Lynch and Asuka with the attempt to pin both simultaneously.

The ending of the match saw multiple big moves and submissions attempted, with it legitimately looking like any one of the 3 competitors could walk out with the title. Becky Lynch would hit the Manhandle Slam onto Asuka, but the pin was broken up by Belair. The EST would then throw Lynch to the outside and pin The Empress of Tomorrow to retain the title.

The match was originally meant to be a one on one match between Belair and Asuka. However, Becky Lynch would defeat Asuka in a match on Raw to gain entry into the championship match.

Featured image: WWE

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