Jordan Devlin Leaves NXT UK

Jordan Devlin has wrestled his last match in the NXT UK promotion.

Devlin faced Ilja Dragunov on the May 12th episode of NXT UK, which was also the 200th episode of the brand. During the contract signing segment, both men agreed to the stipulation that whoever lost the match would have to leave NXT UK.

Dragunov vs. Devlin took place in the main event of the show. Multiple big moves were seen throughout including a brainbuster onto the turnbuckle and a Spanish fly counter.

At one point it looked like Devlin had defeated the champion, as The Irish Ace picked up the three count over Dragunov. The champion did have his foot on the rope, but the referee did not see this. As Devlin’s music played and celebrations started, NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint interrupted the festivities. Saint informed the referee that Ilja had his foot on the rope, meaning that the match restarted. Dragunov would fire up with a comeback, hitting the torpedo to retain the NXT UK Championship.

A WWE Digital Exclusive video was posted online after the match, which saw Jordan Devlin leaving the BT Sports Studio with his bag. When asked for a comment by the reporter, The Irish Ace simply walked away.

It should be noted that Jordan Devlin will only be leaving NXT UK and not WWE as a whole. Moving forward, Devlin will be expected to make an appearance on either the NXT 2.0 brand or possibly a move to the main roster.

Features of Wrestling will provide updates to this story when they become available.

Featured image: F4W Online

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