Loser Leaves NXT UK & Dog Collar Match Set For Future NXT UK Episodes

Two major matches have been announced to take place on future episodes of the NXT UK brand.

The first major match regards the United Kingdom Championship. Current champion Ilja Dragunov will be facing Jordan Devlin with the title on the line in the contest, with the match due to take place on May 12th 2022. During the contract signing on the April 28th episode, a stipulation was added to the upcoming title match. It was announced that the loser of the championship match will have to leave NXT UK.

Tempers would flare during the contract signing, the segment ending with Devlin suplexing the champion through the contract signing table.

The second big match will be a dog collar match featuring Eddie Dennis chained to Wild Boar. Dennis has been fleeing from Wild Boar on multiple occasions, and looked to NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala to do something about it. Scala did indeed do something about it by booking the dog collar match between the two men, the date of the match has yet to be confirmed. This will be the first dog collar match to take place in WWE since 1997.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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