Adam Cole Credits Bryan Danielson In Helping Return From Injury

Adam Cole has stated how fellow AEW star Bryan Danielson aided his recovery process.

Cole was out with multiple head injuries that were suffered in 2022. With the future of the AEW star uncertain, Adam Cole returned to AEW Dynamite on January 11th, announcing he would be back in the ring very soon.

In an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Cole did confirm that he spoken to Bryan Danielson, who also has an extensive list of head injuries. Cole praised Danielson’s knowledge and guidance throughout the recovery process:

“I did. I briefly talked to him, and he obviously has a ton of information regarding that entire process. He was very helpful, very giving with information, just wanted to make sure that I was doing some of the right things to get back and feel healthy. He was great.”

With Adam Cole’s wrestling future uncertain until the announcement on January, there was speculation that the AEW star may have to retire due to the injuries sustained. Cole continued in the interview to state how Bryan’s return from retirement and quality of matches since were a huge motivational factor in the time away.

“That was incredibly motivating. I know me and Bryan’s situations were, obviously there’s some similarities, but they were also very different, all at the same time. But it was motivating to me to think, ‘Okay, he was told, “You are not gonna step into a ring again. It’s just not gonna happen.” Then Bryan did everything he possibly could to get to a point where now a bunch of doctors are saying, ‘Yeah, you’re good to go. You’re ready to go.’ He’s proven that now, week after week, just having absolutely incredible matches. So yeah, Bryan was very helpful.”

Adam Cole is yet to have a match in 2023. Judging by the promo videos seen on AEW Dynamite, Cole’s first match back is expected to be at the Revolution pay-per-view, which will be taking place on Sunday, March 5th.

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions

Featured image: AEW


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