New Intercontinental Champion Crowned On SmackDown

The Intercontinental Championship changed hands on the June 10th edition of WWE SmackDown.

Recently called up star Gunther defeated Ricochet on SmackDown to capture the title for the first time in his career.

Gunther utilised his power early in the match, frequently throwing Ricochet to the mat after lockups. A loud chop would ring out in the arena as Gunther took control, which would be followed up by a second loud chop onto Ricochet.

Ricochet attempted to get a quick victory with the sunset flip, but Gunther would kick out. Ricochet would have a quick flurry of offence, but Gunther would neutralise the high flyer with a sleeper hold and a massive clothesline.

The closing moments of the match would see Ricochet go to the top rope, but missed a 450. Gunther would hit a dropkick and a powerbomb to become victorious.

The victory marks Gunther’s first championship reign on the main roster. The Ring General previously had a lengthy reign with the United Kingdom Championship in NXT, holding the title for 870 days.

Featured image: WWE

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