Next Challenger For Roman Reigns Revealed

The next superstar to challenge for Roman Reign’s Undisputed WWE Universal Championship has been revealed.

Following a victory over Sami Zayn, Riddle will challenge Reigns for the title on the June 17th edition of SmackDown. The conditions of the match were that if Zayn would be victorious, Riddle would be banished from SmackDown. However, if Riddle were to be victorious, then he would get the opportunity to face Reigns for the title on the following week’s SmackDown.

Special Counsel Paul Heyman was on commentary for the match. Heyman stated that if Riddle were to be victorious, a new angrier side of Roman Reigns will be unleashed. The Wise Man also stated that if he were Zayn, he would try to get Riddle disqualified so that the title match would not take place.

At one point in the match, Riddle was outside the ring and was close to being counted out, but made it back in the ring as the referee got to 9. Zayn would then start mocking Riddle’s partner Randy Orton, hitting Riddle with the draping DDT and teased an RKO. This would incense Riddle, who would hit Zayn with a series of high impact moves. The Original Bro would hit Sami Zayn with an RKO to become victorious and earnt he title shot in 7 days. The Usos would come out after the match to lay out Riddle, but the number one contender would neutralise the Tag Team Champions with a kendo stick to stand tall as SmackDown went off the air.

The title defence on June 17th will be the first time that Roman Reigns will be defending the championship since WrestleMania 38. In the main event of night 2 of the Premium Live Event, Reigns defeated Lesnar to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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