John Cena Talks About One Of His Favourite Experiences Of All Time

John Cena has recently discussed one of his best experiences of all time, which took place while he was in WWE. Cena, who is currently doing media rounds to promote the new Peacemaker TV series, was a recent guest on The Pat McAfee Show. On the show, the 16 time world champion talked about his time at WrestleMania 34.

At the 2018 event, Cena was scheduled to face The Undertaker. However, following multiple provoking in the weeks prior, The Deadman never formally accepted the challenge. Instead, Cena stated that he would attend WrestleMania as a fan instead, and described what the energy of the crowd was like inside of the Superdome in New Orleans:

“When we tune into sporting events, why are we on the edge of our seats?” Cena asked rhetorically. “Because the audience is going crazy, there is tension in the air that’s palpable and you can feel it. So I just always wanted the arena to be rocking. And everyone expects and shows up with high energy and for me to go out there apathetic or wanting to be somewhere else isn’t fair to all those fans. Hell, I’ve been a fan. I was crushing beers before I got whacked down by The Undertaker. So I’ve been a fan. That was one of my favorite experiences of all time.”

Originally, WWE only wanted John Cena in the crowd for a short period of time to avoid excessive hassle from the WWE Universe. Cena argued against this, lengthening his time in the crowd from 11 minutes to over 5 hours. The Suicide Squad star also described how the crowd did settle down once everyone had interacted with him:

“I remember when they were like, ‘yeah, we want to put you out there from like, 8:06 to 8:17’ and I was like, ‘no. I’m going when doors open,’” Cena said. “I went out at 3:00. And I watched like three hours of WrestleMania. And they were like, ‘you’re going to get mobbed,’ and I was like ‘I’m going to get mobbed only for as long as it takes to meet everybody.’ And I literally met like three sections of people, and then everybody chilled.

John Cena has appeared at or competed in more than 15 WrestleManias. In another recent interview, Cena has addressed whether or not he will be at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas.

Featured image: The Sportster

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