Bron Breakker vs. Apollo Crews Announced For NXT Deadline

NXT Champion Bron Breakker will defend the title against Apollo Crews at the NXT Deadline Premium Live Event on Saturday, December 10th.

The news was announced on the November 22nd edition of NXT, which also featured a video package explaining Crews’ motivation for the upcoming match.

In the video package, Apollo Crews would appear in a diner. Crews stated he has the opportunity to finish what he started and become the new NXT Champion. It has been 6 months since Crews made the return to NXT, where the initial challenge for the title was stated. The video package would show Crews’ highlights in both his NXT and main roster career so far. The former United States Champion would go on to say that Breakker is struggling to keep hold of the title, and that Crews is ready to take the title from Breakker.

Later in the show, Breakker was seen in his own video package fishing. The NXT Champion stated that he is a more calm person while fishing, then going on to reference how being the champion has take its toll. While Breakker loves holding the gold, as time goes on, there is more weight and more pressure.

Also announced for NXT Deadline is the debut of a brand new match type. It was announced on November 15th by Shawn Michaels that The Iron Survivor Challenge will be taking place for the first time at the Premium Live Event.

Featured image: WWE


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