Wardlow Defeats MJF To Be A Free Man In AEW

Wardlow is now a free man following a victory over former boss MJF at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

The match was the first to take place on the main card of Double or Nothing. MJF came out first to the ring, with the appearance in front of the live crowd slightly delayed. It should be noted that multiple news sites reported that MJF no-showed a meet and greet the day before.

MJF stalled at the start, frequently running away from his former ally, but Mr. Mayhem finally caught Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF would also try to out power and roll up Wardlow, but to no effect. In a final act of desperation, MJF would try to utilise the Dynamite Diamond Ring, but was caught by the referee.

Wardlow would then hit a powerbomb onto MJF to a massive ovation from the live crowd in Las Vegas. However, Wardlow was not done there, and would go on to hit a further 9 powerbombs in quick succession to be victorious. MJF was stretchered to the back after the bell rang, much to the delight of the live crowd. After the match, commentator Tony Schiavone would make his way to the entrance ramp and would announce that Wardlow is officially All Elite. The big screen showed the All Elite graphic after the signing of Wardlow was made official.

Featured image: AEW

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