Josh Alexander Captures IMPACT World Champion At Rebellion 2022

Josh Alexander is the new IMPACT World Champion following the events that took place at the Rebellion pay-per-view.

The Walking Weapon defeated Moose in the main event of the show. The match would quickly spill to the outside following the opening bell. Moose would frequently antagonise Josh Alexander’s family, who were at the front row, while fighting at the ringside. Alexander would eventually take control of the match with multiple kicks to the head, at one point nearly getting disqualified for too many shots during the ropebreak.

Moose was then taken to suplex city, as Alexander would hit 10 German suplexes consecutively onto the former champion. At one point it looked like Moose would retain as he attempted a spear, but this was evaded as Alexander would lock in the ankle lock, but Moose would make his way to the ropes. Josh Alexander would finally hit the C4 Spike onto Moose to win the championship via pinfall. Alexander’s wife and son would come to the ring to celebrate with the new champion to close out the pay-per-view.

This is Josh Alexander’s second reign with the IMPACT World Championship. Alexander first captured the title by defeating Christian Cage at the 2021 Bound For Glory pay-per-view. However, shortly after the victory, Moose would come to the ring to cash in his Call Your Shot Gauntlet victory to become the new champion. The Walking Weapon has demanded a rematch ever since, with the rivalry getting increasingly personal leading up to the pay-per-view. At a live event leading up to Rebellion, Moose would attack Josh Alexander’s wife with a devastating spear.

Featured image: IMPACT Wrestling

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