Pete Dunne Debuts On SmackDown With New Name

Pete Dunne made his SmackDown debut on the March 11th edition of the show. Dunne was introduced with the name “Butch” on the show.

Butch was introduced in a backstage segment involving Sheamus and Ridge Holland, aligning himself with the team and accompanying them to the ring for their match against Big E and Kofi Kingston. The former Pete Dunne did not play a part in the match, but it should be noted that the match may have been changed due to the unfortunate circumstances that took place. Big E took a nasty bump on the outside of the ring, with the match quickly ending shortly after. It has since been reported that Big E suffered a broken neck as a result of this.

Despite this being Pete Dunne’s first appearance on SmackDown, the former United Kingdom Champion has made multiple appearances for the main roster. Dunne made an appearance in the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble and has had a match on Monday Night Raw. Pete Dunne faced Enzo Amore in a match that took place on an episode of raw filmed in the UK.

Featured image: Wrestling News

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