Possible Final Opponents For Goldberg

Goldberg may only have one more match in WWE. The Hall of Famer has stated in a recent interview that he is contractually obligated for just one more match, due to competing 3 times in 2021 as opposed to the standard twice a year run that has been seen recently. With this in mind, the next match may be the last for the former Universal Champion. Here are some potential opponents for Goldberg’s possible final match in his career:

Big E

In more recent matches, Goldberg has challenged for one of the top titles in the company. At the time of writing, Big E is the current WWE Champion and will be looking for new challengers once his current feud with Seth Rollins has finished, assuming that Rollins does not become the new champion. Also, on multiple occasions, Big E has stated that his dream opponent would be Goldberg. To raise the stakes, WWE may decide to promote the match as a title vs. career stipulation, with Goldberg putting over Big E on his way out.

Roman Reigns

There are not many big names left for Universal Champion Roman Reigns to face for his title. With this in mind, Goldberg and Reigns seem inevitable to clash at some point. Despite never facing each other, both men have history with each other. Both The Tribal Chief and the WCW legend were due to face each other at WrestleMania 36. However, to protect those around him, Roman Reigns pulled out of WrestleMania, and was instead replaced by Braun Strowman.

John Cena

If this really will be the last match for Goldberg, then a big name is needed for him to go out in style. John Cena is arguably the biggest name in WWE that Goldberg has never faced, there is also the possibility of adding a retirement stipulation for both men. With Cena being more in demand than ever for TV and film, there isn’t much time left on the career of the 16 time world champion either. If WWE add the stipulation that the loser must retire, there is no guarantee of a clear winner, given the possibility that Goldberg may decide to resign with WWE.

Baron Corbin

Goldberg has always said that he wants to be a hero for the kids and WWE have repeatedly used Baron Corbin to get heat from the crowd. To give Goldberg a positive send-off from the WWE Universe, why not book a squash match with Corbin. Both men could have a similar match to the SummerSlam match against Dolph Ziggler in 2019. A few Spears and a Jackhammer will get cheers from the crowd and a short match will not outstay its welcome.

29 other men:

WWE may decide to go with the route that Goldberg states on TV that he only has one match left. The Hall of Famer states that he does not want to retire and if he wins the Royal Rumble, WWE have to grant him the championship match. While Goldberg will not win the match, there is an opportunity to hit multiple big moves on multiple superstars to make Goldberg look strong. Ideally, Goldberg would be eliminated by the eventual winner. Then the following night on Raw, Goldberg comes out, shakes the winner’s hand and endorses them. A retirement ceremony can take place on a future episode.

Featured image: CBS Sports

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