Bray Wyatt Now A Free Agent & New Name Revealed

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt’s 90 day non-compete clause has now been completed. This means that Wyatt is now free to wrestle for any promotion any time from now. Along with the freedom to wrestle wherever, the new name for the former Fiend has now been revealed. Moving forward, Wyatt will now be going by the name of Windham Rotunda, which is the real name of the wrestler. The name change was seen by the change of social media handles by Rotunda.

Bray Wyatt was released from his WWE contract on Saturday July 31st. Unlike previous WWE releases, which have occurred in batches, Wyatt was the only released superstar on this day. No official reason has been given to why the former Universal Champion was let go by WWE. Also unlike most releases, the former Fiend has not spoken out about the circumstances behind his departure, and has done no interviews since.

In his time in WWE, Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship and Universal Championship one time each, and was a 2 time Tag Team Champion. While many have speculated, it is unknown which promotion Windham Rotunda will be appearing at in the future. During his professional wrestling career, Rotunda has been frequently praised for his reinventions, character creations and creative input. It appears that whatever the now former Bray Wyatt does next will be another new creation. Special makeup effects artist Jason Baker recently posted on social media that he has been working with Rotunda on a future creation.

Featured image: Metro

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