NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 Ratings

The ratings are in for the Halloween Havoc special edition of NXT. On average, 746,000 people watched the special edition of NXT 2.0. The numbers have been obtained by Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics:

The Halloween Havoc special has provided a bump in ratings. Compared to the October 19th episode, there has been an increase of approximately 23%, with the Halloween Havoc go-home show drawing 606,000 viewers. There is also positive news for the key demographic rating for NXT, with a 0.18 rating obtained, up from the previous week’s 0.14. As reported by Show Buzz Daily, Halloween Havoc ranked 11th overall for 18-49 viewers for Tuesday night.

The show was presented like a mini pay-per-view, with multiple championships being defended on the show. One of these title changes was the NXT Women’s Championship.

Featured image: WWE

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