Reported Update On The Rock Appearing At Survivor Series

Fans may have received an update on The Rock possibly appearing at the 2021 Survivor Series pay per view. It was heavily rumoured back in August that Dwayne Johnson would be making an appearance at the upcoming November pay per view, as the event marks the 25th year since The Great One made his debut in WWE.

Andrew Zarian, who initially reported that the appearance will be taking place, has provided an update on the latest edition of The Mat Men Podcast. In unfortunate news to many, it looks like The Rock will not be making an in-person appearance at the show. Zarian has stated that Johnson is scheduled to be in Australia in November, due to the filming of season 2 of the NBC show Young Rock.

While it is unlikely that The Rock will be making an in-person appearance, there is still a possibility that the former WWE Champion will be at the show in some capacity. To mark the occasion, it is possible that Dwayne Johnson may send a video message or appear via video call to mark the anniversary of his debut.

Another possible reason for The Rock to be appearing at Survivor Series is to possibly set up a match in the future against Roman Reigns. On the same show, Andrew Zarian has reported that many backstage are campaigning for the dream match to take place in 2023, due to WrestleMania 39 taking place in Hollywood. This is opposed to the 2022 WrestleMania 38 location of Dallas, Texas.

Featured image: WWE YouTube

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