Goldberg Announced For October 4th WWE Raw

Goldberg will be making his live return to WWE on the October 4th episode of Monday Night Raw. The Hall of Famer was last seen in-person at the SummerSlam pay per view on August 21st. The former Universal Champion faced Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship in this appearance, but was unsuccessful in defeating Lashley.

The match ended in referee stoppage, as Goldberg was unable to continue the match following an attack on his knee by Lashley’s manager MVP. After the match, Goldberg’s son Gage attempted to blindside The All Mighty. However, the now former WWE Champion placed gage in The Hurt Lock, rendering Goldberg’s son unconscious. The final shot of the post-match segment saw Goldberg irate at Bobby Lashley.

Since the attack, Goldberg has appeared in multiple videos addressing the events of SummerSlam, and has stated that he is not done with Bobby Lashley. Most recently, the Hall of Famer made his intentions clear on the September 27th Raw:

The upcoming appearance seems to be leading to a match between the 2 superstars at the upcoming WWE pay per view, Crown Jewel. Also, as Bobby Lashley is now no longer the WWE Champion, Goldberg will be able to avenge the attack on his son without having to get the title involved.

If the match is confirmed for Crown Jewel, this will be the third match made official for the upcoming pay per view on October 21st. Click here to see the other matches announced for the show.

Also due to take place on the October 4th Raw is the second half of the WWE Draft. The first half of picks took place on the October 1st SmackDown and post-show, Talking Smack.

Featured image: WWE

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