John Cena To Appear At Madison Square Garden Show

John Cena will be appearing at the Madison Square Garden show in September. The news was announced by WWE as part of the Summer of Cena tour taking place this summer.

Initially, the Summer of Cena had the former world champion appearing on various episodes of RAW, SmackDown and at various house shows throughout July and August. The final stop on the tour was SummerSlam on August 21st. Many had speculated that after Cena’s pay per view match, we would not see him afterwards. However, this announcement may reveal that John might be around WWE for longer than expected.

WWE announced the Supershow at the start of July. The event is promising some top stars, with John Cena, Edge, Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks all being advertised to appear in New York.

This extra appearance also casts doubt on the result of Cena’s rumoured SummerSlam. Judging by the content of John Cena’s promos, it appears that the 16 time world champion will be facing Roman Reigns in an attempt to add to his tally and become the first ever 17 time world champion in WWE. As the last advertised appearance for Cena was SummerSlam, many presumed that Reigns would retain his title in Las Vegas. Now that Cena will be on WWE TV after August 21st, the result is not as certain.

Featured image: WWE

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