New WWE Videogame Announced

A new WWE Videogame is coming soon. Last night during WrestleMania, a commercial was aired for WWE 2K22.

In the footage below, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio is featured in the trailer. The masked superstar is seen both in person and in videogame form, hitting a 619 on Cesaro.

This will be the first WWE Videogame since WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which was released in September 2020. Developer 2K did not release WWE 2K21 last year. This was because their most recent simulation game, WWE 2K20, was heavily criticised by both players and reviewers. This was because of multiple in-game bugs and glitches that made the finished product unplayable.

No release date has been confirmed for WWE 2K22 at this time.

Image credit: WWE.

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