How WWE will keep fans safe at Wrestlemania

Image credit: WWE

Tomorrow [March 16th] Wrestlemania tickets will go on sale for fans. With reports from various news sources (such as Wrestling Inc), there are rumours that potentially 45,000 fans could descend on Raymond James Stadium, Tampa in April. This is concerning, given the COVID pandemic is still ongoing and this amount of people could cause an outbreak in the local area and beyond. With this high number of fans, along with footage of large crowds at The Super Bowl back in February, many are wondering how will fans be kept as safe as possible.

One website where tickets can be purchased, Ticketmaster, has provided an update to these concerns. On the Wrestlemania ticket page, the following statement is written:

“These events use seating in pods of 1 to 6 people per pod. Pods must be purchased in their entirety and may not be divided. Tickets in a pod may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than family/trusted acquaintances who have chosen to attend the event together, unless all such tickets (i.e., the full pod) are being sold or transferred to one party. Unless otherwise exempted by law, guests must wear a face covering – local venue rules apply.”

Fans appear to be isolated from other groups on the day of the event. Also, individual tickets will not be available to purchase as only pods of 6 are available.

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