Bobby Lashley Fired On WWE Raw

Bobby Lashley was fired on the December 12th edition on WWE Raw.

The former WWE Champion was in action on the red brand facing off against Seth Rollins, where the winner would be next in line for a shot at Austin Theory’s United States Championship. Lashley had Rollins in The Hurt Lock, with Rollins driving Lashley into the corner where the referee was placed, sending the official out of the ring. Lashley would hit the spear, but the referee took too long to count the cover. The All Mighty went for another Spear, but Rollins countered the move into a Pedigree to win the match.

An incensed Lashley confronted the referee after the match, not happy with the result. Another referee tried to calm down Bobby Lashley, but was knocked to the floor. WWE Official Adam Pearce would then try to talk to Lashley, but was thrown into the barricade. An incensed Pearce then had no other choice but to fire Lashley from WWE Raw. The ending image of Raw was Lashley looking regretful at the events that took place on the show.

featured image: WWE


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