Shane McMahon Will Reportedly Be At WrestleMania 38

Shane McMahon will be in Texas during WrestleMania weekend, according to a new report.

The news has been broken by PWInsider, who have been known to have a good track record when it comes to reporting future WWE plans. The report states the following regarding McMahon’s status:

“WWE is bringing Shane McMahon in for Wrestlemania 38 this weekend, has confirmed with multiple sources. 

There is no word at this time whether McMahon will be appearing on the PPV yet but we are told he will be in town for the entire Wrestlemania weekend.”

Shane McMahon was last seen on WWE TV as a surprise entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble back in January 2022. The same report also states that this cameo lead to issues and heat backstage, which also reportedly lead to Shane McMahon being let go from WWE:

” [Shane] McMahon was one of the Producers for the Rumble match and was said to have been obviously frustrated the day of the Rumble, with some WWE sources believing that came from his ideas for the bout being shot down by Vince McMahon. The talk at that time was that McMahon was upset that “he wasn’t being allowed to do what he wanted” and that he was “greatly preoccupied” by his own role in the Rumble.    

Sources at the time stated that Shane’s actions directly led to the confusion going on during the bout, backstage issues during the bout and the poor reception the Men’s Rumble bout received when it obviously went awry and did not come together.  There was a ton of heat on McMahon at the time.

While it is unknown what part if any Shane McMahon will play at WrestleMania, but some fans are concerned by the recent report. At the time of writing, Seth Rollins is due to compete at WrestleMania with an opponent yet to be confirmed. While it is heavily speculated that Rollins’ opponent will be a returning Cody Rhodes, there is always the possibility that plans can change and Shane McMahon will be the one to face The Visionary.

Featured image: WWE

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