Final Entrant Announced For Women’s Elimination Chamber

The final participant in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match has been revealed. As announced on the February 14th Raw, Alexa Bliss will be stepping inside the chamber on February 19th.

The news was announced during one of Bliss’ therapy sessions, which have begun hyping the return to the ring for the former Raw Women’s Champion.

In the final therapy segment, the therapist stated that Alexa Bliss has been cured. Bliss, who appeared dressed normally and not in her Fiend like attire, took Lilly out of the office with her as the screen transitioned to a video promoting the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. A voiceover my Bliss said that there was still an open spot in the match, which then promoted the graphic to be updated with Alexa Bliss added.

Whoever is victorious in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match will face the Raw Women’s Champion at WrestleMania. The full line-up for the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event is as follows:

Featured image: WWE

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