Tony Khan Faces Backlash Following Controversial Social Media Post

All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan has received significant backlash following a post made on social media. Former AEW wrestler Big Swole recently addressed her departure from the company, citing a lack of diversity and structure as the reasons behind the departure.

In a social media post addressing these comments, Khan has stated that the reason behind Big Swole’s departure was that her wrestling “Wasn’t good enough.” In the same Tweet, Khan has also decided to promote the upcoming Women’s Street Fight due to take place on AEW Rampage.

Multiple wrestlers have addressed this post on their own social media pages. AEW star Lio Rush has simply called for the AEW president to apologise. It should also be noted that in a previous tweet, Rush states that “this is f*cked up and now I’m p*ssed.” This is also seemingly in reference to Khan’s comments.

Independent wrestler Darius Lockhart has also criticised Tony Khan. Lockhart has stated that Khan’s comments are “Completely disrespectful” to Big Swole and has described the response to Swole’s critiques as “tactless.” These comments have also been retweeted by Cedric Alexander, who is married to Big Swole.

The reaction to Tony Khan’s comments have not all been negative. Shawn Dean, who coordinates the extras in AEW, has stated that opportunities are given and to “Trust the process.”

Fellow AEW star PowerHouse Hobbs has said the following regarding the situation:

Featured image: CBS Sports

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