Ring Of Honor Announces Hiatus

North American wrestling promotion Ring of Honor have announced that they will be taking a hiatus until further notice. The promotion made the following announcement on their social media page on October 27th:

Ring of Honor have announced that the Final Battle event will be taking place in December 2021, but the future is unknown following this. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Ring of Honor made the decision to shut down shows completely, unlike other promotions that had limited or no fans in attendance.

During the shutdown period, Ring of Honor kept their entire roster on the payroll and paid them in full throughout. The move was highly praised by many, due to keeping fans and wrestlers safe while protecting livelihoods of their performers. Unfortunately, reports have surfaced that this might be changing. Dave Meltzer has stated that every member of the ROH roster has been released from their contracts following the announcement:

In a further series of updates, Sean Ross Sapp has stated that the releases will come into effect at the end of the eyar, meaning that talent will be paid up until then. Also, the decision was made by Sinclair broadcasting, not the promotion.

ROH wrestling was founded in 2002. Some of the biggest stars in current wrestling have passed through the doors of the promotion and have captured the Ring of Honor Championship, including Adam Cole, Samoa Joe and Tyler Black [Seth Rollins].

Featured image: Metro

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