Multiple WWE releases in the past week

Unfortunate news regarding two names in the past week. Lars Sullivan and Steve Cutler have been released from their WWE contracts. Steve Cutler’s release was formally announced on WWE’s social media page. Meanwhile, Lars Sullivan’s release was not formally announced and instead he was quietly cut from his contract.

Lars Sullivan has had an up and down career in WWE. Following debuting in NXT, he took part in the critically acclaimed ladder match for the North American Championship at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. He also had a NXT Championship opportunity against Alistair Black at NXT Takeover: Chicago II. He was then shortly called up to main roster WWE. However, various controversial reports came out about previous online posts made by Sullivan (which can be read about here). There was a brief return in late 2020, but this was quickly dropped after a few weeks.

For better or for worse, Steve Cutler’s career has not been as eventful as Lars Sullivan. Most notably, Cutler was in a tag team with Jaxson Ryker and Wesley Blake known as The Forgotten Sons. They failed to capture any Tag Team Championships in both NXT and WWE. When Jaxson Ryker posted pro-Donald Trump tweets, the entire group was dropped from television. Just before his released, both Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were seen accompanying Baron Corbin to the ring for some of his matches. It is being heavily rumoured that Cutler’s release was a result of him contracting COVID-19. Wrestling Inc reports more on this story here. is also reporting that while Steve Cutler has the standard 90 day no compete clause from WWE, Lars Sullivan may not. More on that here.

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