Cody Rhodes challenges Brock Lesnar To Match At WWE Backlash

The American Nightmare wants payback on The Beast.

The closing angle of the April 3rd episode of WWE Raw would see Lesnar launch a brutal and unprovoked attack onto Rhodes, which included attacks with steel chairs, steel steps and the announcers table.

Rhodes would return on the April 10th episode to respond to the assault.

The WrestleMania 39 main eventer questioned why Lesnar did what he did, with the current storyline reason being that Lesnar is angry that he opened night 2 of WrestleMania.

Rhodes admitted he is scared of Lesnar, but is still looking for a fight. The American Nightmare then laid down the challenge for the match at Backlash before dropping the mic and exiting the ring.

If made official, this will be the first time ever that Lesnar and Rhodes have faced each other in a singles match.

At the time of writing, no matches have been officially announced for the Backlash Premium Live Event, which will be taking place live in Puerto Rico on Saturday, May 6th.

Featured image: WWE


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