Finn Balor Shows Gruesome WWE WrestleMania Injury

Finn Balor suffered a nasty cut during the Hell in a Cell match against Edge at WrestleMania.

As seen on social media, Balor has posted an image of a deep cut on the top of his head that took place in the match against the Rated R Superstar.

The spot where the incident took place would be when Edge threw a ladder at the head of The Demon. Blood was seen dripping from the mat instantly, with the referee stopping the match to allow medical personnel to enter and check on the inaugural Universal Champion.

Edge would wander around the ringside area and gather weapons while Balor was tended to by the medical team. Thankfully, the injury sustained did not appear to be too serious, as the match was allowed to continue. Edge would go on to win the match, ending the rivalry with The Judgment Day.

Featured image: WWE


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