Austin Theory Defeats John Cena At WWE WrestleMania

Austin Theory could see and beat John Cena.

In the opening match of night 1 of WrestleMania, United States Champion Theory retained the title by defeating the former 16 time World Champion.

Following an introduction by WrestleMania hosts The Miz and Snoop Dogg, Theory made his entrance, which was followed by a video package for the Make A Wish charity. Multiple children that are supported by the charity were brought out onto the entrance ramp, and were greeted by John Cena as he made his entrance.

The match itself would see Cena try to pick up multiple quick victories, but Theory would keep on the offensive. A brief Cena comeback would be seen, with the Hollywood star hitting a 5 Knuckle Shuffle onto the champion. As Cena attempted to hit an Attitude Adjustment, the referee was knocked down. Theory, seeing that the official was unconscious, hit a low blow onto Cena, which was followed by A Town Down to secure the victory.

This was the first of 3 championship matches on night one of WrestleMania, and the only one that was defended successfully. Later in the show, a new SmackDown Women’s Champion and new Tag Team Champions would be crowned at the event.

Featured image: WWE


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