1PW No Turning Back Lincoln, UK Live Report 18/2/23

1PW [One Pro Wrestling] hosted the No Turning Back Event at The Engine Shed in Lincoln, Lincolnshire on Saturday 18th February. This was the first time that the promotion has hosted an event in Lincoln.

Attending live, the tickets bought were from the balcony section, which gave an unobstructed view of the ring with the entrance ramp in the background.

From past live experiences attending live events in the city, Lincoln has not been the best with crowd reactions and chants. Happily, The Engine Shed provided a great atmosphere throughout the night, providing great reactions for the faces and heels.

Credit must be given to 1PW for providing a diverse card of established names from other promotions, nostalgia acts and rising stars. The in-ring highlight of the first half was a great Triple Threat match between Ruby Soho, Session Moth Martina and Lizzy Evo.

The crowd were at their loudest in the first half for the match between ECW legend Rhino and ROH star Mark Haskins, which was announced to be an Extreme Rules match. ECW chants rained through Lincoln, getting louder when a table was brought into the ring. While Rhino would lose the match, the Gore on Haskins through the table after the match sent the crowd to the bar happy for the intermission.

A high paced 8 man tag team match kicked off the second half, with Amir Jordan being the fan favourite and getting a Yorkshire chant to ring through the Lincoln venue. Charles Crowley’s ego got the better of him, causing his teammates to walk out and see Crowley receive his comeuppance from the babyface team.

The majority of the fans bought their ticket to see Will Ospreay in action, who is still the buzz of the wrestling world following the critically acclaimed match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Ospreay was in action against hometown hero Robbie X, who received a warm welcome from the Lincoln crowd.

The match itself was spectacular. Ospreay wrestling live is something that has to be seen to be believed. Many believe that Ospreay is the best wrestler in the world right now, and with a performance like this it is hard to argue. Robbie X also should be credited for his amazing performance, with multiple near falls on Ospreay and at some points looking like he might win the match.

Will Ospreay would win the match, hitting The Hidden Blade and the Storm Breaker to get the victory. After the match, Ospreay reluctantly shook the hand of Robbie X and walked to the back.

It was announced during the show that not only did 1PW sell out The Engine Shed 3 times for No Turning Back, but that the promotion would return on Saturday June 10th to host the show Devil’s Due. This is almost definitely guaranteed to sell out once again, so fans should buy tickets soon.

Tickets are available at this link.

Results from the show are as follows:

  • The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) defeated Boisterous Behaviour (Leon Slater & Man Like DeReiss)
  • Session Moth Martina defeated Lizzy Evo and Ruby Soho
  • Cara Noir defeated Davey Richards
  • Mark Haskins (w/ Vicky Haskins) defeated Rhino – Extreme Rules match
  • Amir Jordan, Callum Newman, Scotty Rawk & Will Kroos defeated Charles Crowley, John Skyler, Luke Jacobs & Ricky Knight Jr.
  • Taya Valkyrie defeated Taonga
  • Nathan Cruz defeated John Morrison
  • Will Ospreay defeated Robbie X [Main Event]

Featured image: 1PW


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