Triple H Comments On Rumoured WWE Sale

Is WWE is being sold? Triple H has provided clarification.

With Vince McMahon returning to the company to reportedly oversee a sale of WWE, the talk of a buyout has gone quiet in recent weeks. With rumours that a Saudi Arabia investment fund or even AEW’s Tony Khan in the pool of buyers, little has been commented on since the initial rumours began.

With Triple H being on the board of directors, more information was hoping to be provided at the Elimination Chamber press conference, which took place after the show concluded.

Triple H would comment about a sale when asked, stating that a sale would depend on who makes the offer:

“Depends on who is buying, I suppose. What the offer is, what the outcome is. Stay out of it, to me. That’s not a cop-out answer. I have the greatest gig in the world. I helped tonight, in some small way, create the magic we did here tonight. To me, it’s the best gig on the planet. As long we get to do this, as long as we get to create the way we get to create it, as long as we get to do our jobs and we get to go out there and put our passion on display, as long as our talent are allowed to put their passion on display and do what we do, I’m good. It is what it is,” 

It should be noted that a price to purchase the company has been reportedly revealed. In a report via Bloomberg, if an investor were to buy WWE, it would cost them $9 billion.

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcription.

Featured image: WWE


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