Lita Makes WWE Return On Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Lita made a surprise return on Raw.

The former Women’s Champion made the appearance during the steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley, which took place in the main event of the show.

Before the match took place, Becky Lynch appeared in a backstage segment. Lynch did note in that segment that she did have a plan for the match, should Damage CTRL provide interference.

Despite the match taking place inside of a steel cage, interference was still a factor, as Damage CTRL members IYO SKY and Dakota Kai did provide interference on multiple occasions.

Lynch was on top of the cage, but IYO SKY would climb to the top, kicking The Man back down to the ring. Dakota Kai would pass Bayley a crutch, which was then used to strike Lynch. As Bayley looked to repeat the attack, the music of Lita rang out through the arena.

The Hall of Famer ran to the ring, first pulling Sky from the top of the cage, then neutralising Kai. Lita then slammed the cage door onto Bayley, allowing Lynch to hit a Man Handle Slam and win the match.

Lynch and Lita have previous history in WWE. When Becky Lynch was the Raw Women’s Champion back in 2022, Lita would challenge The Man for the title at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia. Lynch would retain the title, defeating the woman that she has idolised.

Featured image: Metro

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