WrestleMania 39 To Have “Sponsored Match”

A match featuring advertisement from one of WWE’s sponsors will be taking place at WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood.

WWE’s senior VP and head of global sales and partnerships Craig Stimmel was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter regarding the upcoming Premium Live Event, which will be hosted inside of So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The interview focuses on WWE’s record revenue, and how sponsorship revenues have contributed to this.

Stimmel has confirmed that a match featuring a sponsor will be taking place at the 2 night event, stating the match will be featured into storylines and not just a one off:

“I don’t want to give away too much, but it’ll be around a match, and the sponsorship of that match, and what they’ll be able to bring to that match,” he says. “So we’re going to do things that fit inside of our storyline as well.”

This will be the second WWE sponsored match of 2023, following on from the Mountain Dew Pitch Black that took place at the Royal Rumble. With no one knowing what the match would entail until the opening bell, the bout between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight saw fluorescent ropes and face paint used as the lights were turned down. The match was fought under No Disqualification rules, with Wyatt being victorious.

In the same interview, Stimmel has confirmed that a post-show press conference will be taking place at WrestleMania, which will be streamed across multiple social media channels:

“When you think about putting WrestleMania on, we’re going to be showing across millions of households on Peacock, we’re also going to have a social presence. We’re also going to have a post-match press conference that’s going to be sponsored this year — you saw that with Mountain Dew and Royal Rumble — but we’re going to have that again at WrestleMania,” Stimmel says. “It’s on YouTube and on TikTok and on Facebook, so we’re gonna have a myriad of opportunities to tell a brand story across different spectrums with different voices. So I think when we approach brands, we want to make sure that that holistic picture is in place. We’re looking for that audience overlap.”

Featured image: WWE


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