Reported Backstage Heat On Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar reportedly may have some backstage heat following the Royal Rumble.

As reported by Fightful Select, some of the aftermath of Lesnar’s freak out was not planned. What was seen on TV was The Breast throwing part of the commentary table in the ring, slamming the steel steps on the commentary table and physically assaulting a referee.

Fightful were told that the throwing of the commentary table into the ring was not planned, with some not knowing about the use of the steel steps at ringside.

The specific spot that reportedly generated the heat was the assault on WWE referee Eddie Oregno. The official seemed to have a foot injury as part of the sport where he was thrown over the barricade by Lesnar.

In regards to the freak out by Brock Lesnar, one source told Fightful that with a Lesnar episode of anger, “expect anything and everything.”

While there is reported heat on the former WWE Champion, Lesnar is certainly not expected to be in trouble or be fired for this. The report concludes by stating that the source is not sure if anyone involved in the incident was angry, but people backstage were.

Brock Lesnar set an unfortunate new record in his Royal Rumble performances, lasting the shortest time he ever has in the Rumble match. The Beast would last around 3 minutes before being eliminated by Bobby Lashley, which led to the Lesnar freak out.

The match was won by Cody Rhodes, with WWE confirming that Rhodes will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Featured image: WWE


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