LA Knight Discusses Being In The Ring With The Undertaker

LA Knight was in one of the most memorable segments of the Raw 30th anniversary celebration show.

Berating the legends in attendance, the man formerly known as Max Dupri challenged any of the WWE hall of Famers in the back to come to the ring and face him. To the surprise of many, the legend that came to confront Knight was The Undertaker, who rode to the ring on a chopper as The American Badass Undertaker, a gimmick not seen in WWE in almost 20 years according to commentary.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, LA Knight commented on what it was like being in the same ring as The Deadman:

“Well, I’ll tell you what, he was about this close to get the slap right in the mouth, but I decided to spare him. But I’ll tell you the truth. It’s funny because you always hear the cliché when you’re standing in that ring, and that bell tolls. You know, it’s chills. And I’m like, sure. Once that hit, it was chills, it was pretty wild. But at the same time to be standing there and doing my thing, and to be very recognised. That audience was right on top of everything I had to say even with the Undertaker in the ring. So I mean, that’s a big feather in my cap as far as I’m concerned. And at the same time, you know, looking at a guy who’s undoubtedly a legend, Hall of Famer, crazy, crazy night leading into this Royal Rumble.”

Knight would back away from The Undertaker, but was chased back into the ring by Bray Wyatt, who appeared on the entrance ramp. Following Undertaker grabbing Knight by the throat, the former Million Dollar Champion was tossed back to Wyatt, who delivered a Sister Abigail to stand tall.

LA Knight and Bray Wyatt will face off at the Royal Rumble in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black match. When asked about the unknown stipulation, Knight said the following:

“The guy [Bray Wyatt] plays with puppets, is that a scary thing? It’s not a puppet room match, it’s in the dark. If there’s one thing that doesn’t bother me, it’s the dark. And so you’re looking at what’s in store for this? I don’t think he knows what’s in store. I don’t know, I don’t think anybody really knows entirely what’s in store for this. I think at some point it’s going to be, at least I’m going in with the mindset it’s gonna be a kick ass fight. And whether that means the lights are completely out, whether it’s broad daylight, whatever it is. At the end of the day, if you ask me, just because I’m not a creature of circumstance, I’m more of a creator of circumstance. So in my mind, I’m thinking okay, lights are out, pitch black, what do I have to do to adapt to that situation? What that means it is advantage LA Knight.”

If you use any quotes please link to INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet and leave a h/t to Features of Wrestling

Featured image: WWE

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