WWE 2K23 Trailer Revealed With John Cena As Cover Star

2K games have revealed the first official trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K23 game.

The trailer features multiple social media videos of floating clothing, referencing the joke that people can’t see John Cena. The camera then cuts to Cena playing a videogame, where Triple H and Bad Bunny walk past and say hello to the 16 time World Champion. Cena is then shocked that people can see him.

The full trailer can be seen below.

In further updates on social media, John Cena was revealed to be the cover star of the game, along with the release date. WWE 2K23 will be available to play on March 17th, with pre-orders being taken now.

Details regarding new and existing features have also been announced on the WWE 2K website. To the delight of fans, WarGames will be a playable match type for the first time in the history of WWE videogames, with 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 teams available to battle it out in the double cage. The press release also confirms that Cena will be the star of the Showcase game mode, and My GM will be staying, which was first returned in WWE 2K22

Cena has referenced the announcement on his own social media, stating how proud he is to be the cover star for the second time.

Featured image: WWE


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