Khan Family Reportedly One Of 4 Potential Buyers Of WWE

Shahid and Tony Khan, the owners of All Elite Wrestling, could potentially be the buyers of WWE.

In a report by Barron’s, Khan is in a pool of buyers that could purchase the company. The AEW owners are listed along with the other 3 most likely purchasers; Comcast, Endeavour and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. It should also be noted that Comcast are the owners of NBC Universal, who own the Peacock platform that hosts the WWE Network in the USA. The Endeavour group are the owners of the UFC.

Barron’s states that Shahid and Tony Khan would not be purchasing the company alone, as they would be looking for a financial partner for the acquisition. The Khan family could in theory make the purchase due to their net worth. The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club has a reported net worth of over $11 billion. It is currently being reported that WWE is marketed at a value of $7 billion, so a purchase by WWE’s biggest competitor is technically a possibility.

The news of a sale came following the news that Vince McMahon would be coming out of retirement to return to the company as the Executive Chairman of the Board. The reported motivation is to initiate a sale of WWE, with rumours heavily speculating that Saudi Arabian investors will be the buyers.

Barron’s conclude their report by stating that while 4 buyers are a possibility for WWE, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund still seems like the most likely buyer. This is due to the 10 year relationship between the 2 parties, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid WWE $50 million per live event.

Featured image: The Athletic

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