Bobby Lashley Returns To WWE

Bobby Lashley made a surprise return to WWE on the January 9th edition of WWE Raw.

Following a promo exchange between United States Champion Austin Theory and Seth Rollins, both men declared themselves for the Royal Rumble match. Rollins stated that his knee is not 100% right now, but will be for January 28th. As Rollins exited the ring, the music of Lashley rang out through the arena.

The All Mighty former WWE Champion made his way to the ring, taking out Austin Theory with a spear.

Bobby Lashley would then grab a microphone and announced that his suspension was over, also declaring himself an entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

Lashley was last seen on WWE Raw during the December 12th broadcast. Following an altercation with WWE Official Adam Pearce, Lashley was fired on the spot. It was later announced that the firing had turned into a suspension.

Featured image: Wrestle Zone


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