Death Triangle Vs. The Elite Match 5 To Be No Disqualification

The next match in the best of 7 series between Death Triangle and The Elite will be contested under no disqualification rules.

Match 4 in the series took place at Winter is Coming on December 14th. The match would see Nick Jackson of The Elite seemingly pick up an ankle injury early in the match, needing to be taken to the backstage area. Jackson would return and go on an offensive tear after being tagged back into the match. However, Penta would come into the ring while the referee was distracted, hitting Nick Jackson’s knee with a hammer. Jackson was placed in a kneebar submission and was forced to submit, allowing Death Triangle to go 3-1 up in the series.

Kenny Omega grabbed a microphone and forced the music to be cut after the match. Omega stated that the hammer and in fact all weapons should be legal, propositioning that the next match be competed as a no disqualification match.

The Elite need to win every match remaining in the series to become the new AEW Trios Champions.

Featured image: F4WOnline

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