Kurt Angle Recreates Iconic Milk Truck Segment

MilkOMania ran wild once again on the December 9th edition of WWE SmackDown.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle joined SmackDown to celebrate his birthday, which aired live from Angle’s hometown of Pittsburgh. The Hall of Famer appeared in the ring in the main event segment, with a birthday cake and balloons in the middle of the ring.

The Alpha Academy interrupted the celebrations, warning Kurt Angle to leave or else he would get another broken neck. The former WWE Champion did exit the ring, as Gable continued insulting Angle and Otis helped himself to cake. Angle would then advise The Alpha Academy that if they were going to eat that much cake, they would need a lot of milk.

A milk truck then appeared backstage, which had fellow Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson as a passenger. Steveson and Angle threw cartons of milk and Gable and Otis, then grabbing a hose to soak the group. Angle and Steveson would celebrate with milk in the middle of the ring as SmackDown went off the air.

The milk shower first took place in 2001, where Angle would soak The Alliance with milk during the Invasion era. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon were some of the most notable superstars to be soaked by the liquid.

Featured image: WWE


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