William Regal Gives Farewell Message To The Blackpool Combat Club

William Regal has issued a farewell statement to the members of the Blackpool Combat Club, the faction he was the most associated with during his time in All Elite Wrestling.

Regal took to to social media to post the following farewell message, along with a picture of the group and a link to the Slade song Far Far Away.

William Regal’s departure was confirmed during the Ring of Honor Final Battle Media Call, which was hosted by ROH and AEW President Tony Khan.

“I got a phone call and it was saying that William Regal had approached Megha (Parekh)and said that, and it was all very legitimate valid stuff, basically, he’s got a son who works in another wrestling promotion,” Khan said. “He really wanted us at the end of the year, when we had the option to renew his contract, he was asking that we would not.

“Nothing bad, we’re having a great time working together, but this is an opportunity for him to go back and work in these really golden years of his career with his son and do things he likes to do, coaching, and he’s got friends that he’d like to go back and work with. It’s a very complex situation for AEW because he’s a huge part of what we’re doing on-screen and we really value him, and there’s multiple storylines that he’s involved in at this point.”

Quotes obtained via ITR Wrestling

William Regal signed with All Elite Wrestling in March 2022, appearing at the Revolution pay-per-view. Regal would be written off television on November 30th of the same year, being attacked by MJF with brass knuckles. On the November 7th edition of Dynamite, Regal would issue a farewell message, which was recorded ahead of time in the event that something bad would happen to him:

Featured image: F4WOnline

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