William Regal Reportedly “Done” With AEW

William Regal has reportedly finished his time in All Elite Wrestling.

Multiple reports have stated that the Blackpool Combat Club member has completed his time with AEW, last being seen on screen being attacked by the AEW World Champion MJF. The first report comes from Dave Meltzer, who stated the following on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Regal’s gone. It’s not like maybe he’s gone. I believe that’s his farewell.”

Meltzer would go on to comment about the contract of Regal, as the former NXT General Manager only signed with AEW back in March 2022:

“I’ve had so many different people tell me so many different stories. The primary source story was that his contract was short-term. The WWE side says that he had an out

The closest thing to what I would say is official would be he signed a short-term deal. Others say he had an out or Tony gave him an out. Whatever it was, I certainly know that when he signed it was a 3-year deal supposedly and nine months now it’s over. It sounds weird.”

The second source stating that Regal has now left AEW is Fightful Select. This report states that Regal is “effectively done” with AEW and “Likely headed back to WWE.” The report would end to say that Triple H was very unhappy that Regal was released from his WWE contract, which happened in January 2022, along with the update that Regal is “Finalizing a new deal in WWE.”

As previously mentioned, the final images of William Regal on AEW TV would see him loaded into the back of an ambulance after an attack in the ring by MJF. The AEW World Champion would strike Regal in the back of the head with brass knuckles, knocking Regal unconscious in the process. Bryan Danielson, who has stated on multiple occasions how he sees Regal as a father figure, would rush to the aide of Regal, accompanying him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Quotes obtained from Inside The Ropes

Featured image: TPWW

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