Bianca Belair Participates In WBFF Bodybuilding Competition

WWE Raw Women’s Champion competed in the WBFF Pro Atlantic City Pro Am in Atlantic City on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of December 2022.

The EST took to social media to announce the news, along with highlighting a history of eating disorders that Belair has overcame since High School and College. The post would also show how dedicated Bianca Belair was to the competition, as the Raw Women’s Champion has not taken a lighter WWE schedule in the 10 weeks leading up to the event. Belair competed in multiple countries and in some of WWE’s most physically demanding stipulations, such as the Last Woman Standing match and a 45 minute WarGames match.

The full post can be seen below:

In an update on Twitter, Bianca Belair would announce the results of the bodybuilding competition. Belair announced that she is an official member of the WBFF family, placing 1st in wellness and 2nd in fitness, also receiving a pro card in the process.

Featured image: Bianca Belair’s Instagram

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