MJF Attacks William Regal

AEW World Champion attacked William Regal on the November 30th edition of AEW Dynamite.

Following an explanation of why Regal sided with MJF, the new World Champion ran down his challengers, stating that he will be holding the title for a long time before praising William Regal, going on to attack him from behind.

After Jon Moxley and Adam Page were ejected from the building following a shock return by Page, Regal would come to the ring first, introducing MJF shortly afterwards. MJF would attempt to explain how the unholy union came to be, but was cut off by the AEW live crowd. MJF would then continue, stating an email was sent by Regal. The contents of the email stated that MJF has the potential to become the greatest villain of all time, offering his services to the new AEW World Champion. MJF would go on to say that multiple secret meetings would then took place, where the plan to use brass knuckles was conceived.

MJF moved on to The Firm, the faction that he initially sided with. The World Champion stated that he could chase down The Firm, but that would require effort. The conversation then moved on to the World Title around MJF’s waist, which the champion stated that he was repulsed by its appearance. This would go on to MJF throwing the old title out of the ring, then asking William Regal unveiling a new championship, complete with custom Burberry leather.

The segment ended with the aforementioned attack on Regal by MJF. The World Champion struck Regal in the back of the head, leaving Regal motionless in the ring. MJF said to Regal that the game has changed, citing the email Regal said to MJF seven years ago.

Featured image: Sportskeeda


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