Team Brutes Win WarGames Advantage

Team Brutes will have the man advantage over The Bloodline going into Survivor Series WarGames, winning the advantage on the November 25th edition of SmackDown.

The match to determine the advantage took place on the go-home SmackDown before Survivor Series, which saw Drew McIntyre and Sheamus team up to face The Usos. Members from both Survivor Series teams would be at ringside, providing interferences and distractions throughout.

A brawl between the accompanying members would soon ensue, with McIntyre taking everybody out by diving over the top rope. Sami Zayn would then try to bring in a title belt for The Usos to use, but was ejected from ringside by the referee. While the referee was distracted, Kevin Owens would come into the ring to hit a Stunner, allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick to pick up the victory.

Featured image: WWE


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